Experience & Selected Case Studies


Emerisque has invested in numerous brands on a transnational basis since its inception in 2004, including Lee Cooper, Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Exclusively Misook, Christopher Blue, Palm Beach, Sansabelt, Monarchy and others.

Generally speaking, whilst capital is in abundant supply, the knowledge, experience, networks, skills, dedicated capital and risk-appetite for strategically exploiting the opportunity in the C.R.I.M. markets are not in abundant supply for medium-sized brands and businesses. In addition to providing access to required capital, Emerisque’s in-house and global network of branding, category and market experts provide management teams with hands on execution guidance and support to simultaneously improve brand value in the home/core markets of their brand, while driving market-share opportunities in growth markets and channels.

Our expanding team possesses significant operational competence, in addition to material transactional and investment capabilities, and has operated successfully both in the East and the West on a multi-sectoral basis with a strong bias towards consumer brands. Emerisque personnel have cumulative experience in excess of 100 years in the world of consumer brands, including global brands such as Puma (footwear), Kraft (foods) and Lee (apparel). Through its investee companies, Emerisque has operating experience in approximately 85 countries worldwide, with direct investment and transactional experience in the UK, USA, France, Italy, China, India, Indonesia, Switzerland and others.

Prior to making an investment, we undertake a deep operational review of the opportunity in order to arrive at a clear point of view that underpins a best-in-class business plan which can be implemented by the investee company management team, supplemented by our specialists.

Case Study: Lee Cooper, UK

Lee Cooper


  • From a marginally profitable European “value” denim brand founded in 1908, present in 30 countries with 250 stores operating through seven stand-alone management silos…
  • To a single shared services operating platform as the “British Rock & Roll Denim Brand”, present in 73 countries with 680 stores and a clear trajectory for income growth in the C.R.I.M. markets (from 0 to 170+ directly operated stores during the period of our investment); increased gross margin by 11% and multiplied EBITDA 4x at the time of exit.


Case Study: HMX Portfolio, USA

Bobby JonesMonarchyCoppleyHickey FreemanHart Schaffner MarxChristopher Blue


  • From an agglomeration of 20+ owned and licensed heritage but tired old men’s suit brands and some niche women’s brands operating entirely in North America, with sharply declining sales and an EBITDA loss run-rate of 10%, operating through twelve stand-alone management silos...
  • To a focus on six core, owned “America’s Suit Brands” and mature women’s lifestyle brands, dressing the best of America, with a sustainable sales and cost platform in the US (through three shared services operating platforms) and a path to growth in Asia, with EBITDA profit run-rate of 3.5% at the time of our exit.


We believe we are unique amongst private equity sponsors for medium-sized consumer brand investments, with our ability to generate above market returns through helping effectively optimize in the mature markets and channels whilst simultaneously delivering real market-share in growth markets and channels.