Emerisque pursues two streams of investment models:

Control investments in established North American and Western European consumer/retail mid-market brands and businesses with potential for strategic growth, particularly in emerging markets


Seed or Series A funding rounds of early stage businesses within the consumer/retail vertical or B2B consumer/retail solutions in the UK, US, China and India.
In each case, Emerisque is 
focused on growth channels and emerging markets for value creation while helping investees optimize the existing business’ operations.
Leveraging the team’s experience to provide strategy, vision and operational guidance to invest companies.


Emerisque Brands makes control investments in established North American and Western European consumer/retail brands and businesses with scale, authentic and compelling brand DNA and multi-channel, global potential.
It considers private/take-private transactions, and influential minority in public equities.
Emerisque Brands is undeterred by complex situations and business models. It invests in all situations – growth capital, carve-outs, turnarounds, portfolios etc.
Whilst remaining open to all consumer/retail sectors, it currently seeks investments in:

   -Brands/Vertical Retail in Apparel and Related Categories
   -Food and Beverage Concepts
   -Personal Care & Beauty Service/Product Platforms

Emerisque Brands has a proven record of generating above market returns by assisting investee company management to optimise operations and resources applied in mature markets, channels and product categories, whilst pivoting towards growth markets, channels and product categories with heightened focus and allocation of resources.
Value creation in investee companies is facilitated by leveraging specialized in-house competencies in brand management, international business development and insightful and practical strategic thinking for delivering growth but with substantial mitigation of execution risk.

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venture capital

Emerisque Ventures seeks to invest in digitally-native and/or technology-driven “modern” business models within the consumer/retail vertical across the spectrum of:

   -B2C or B2B
   -Branded goods or service-providers
   -Technology platforms
   -Supply chain solutions
   -Distribution companies
   -Hard or soft goods
   -Food or non-food consumables
   -Experimental products and services.

Emerisque Ventures participates in late Seed or Series A funding rounds of early stagecompanies in the UK, US, China and India.
Along with sharing in risk capital, Emerisque Ventures aims to apply the lessons learned by its principals through decades of operational and private equity investment experience.
The goal is to help investee companies avoid the pitfalls of early-stage catastrophic/incremental errors and contribute a visionary approach to growth and value creation.

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Emerisque is unique in its approach to investing in the consumer/retail world and the execution support that it provides to investee businesses.